With economy roaring and trade deals beginning to pop Democrats seem all left footed

Democrats Are Officially Out Of Economic Ideas

After spending a year traveling around the country on a "listening tour," Democrats in the House released an economic plan that consists of either recycled bromides or pale imitations of what President Trump is already doing. Meanwhile, the party's base drifts further into socialist extremism.

The Democrats dilemma on the economic policy is obvious. Under President Trump, the economy is surging. Optimism is at record highs. The unemployment rate is at 18-year lows, and for blacks and Hispanics it's at all-time lows. Median household income is at an all-time high. Worse still for Democrats, voters credit Trump for the economy's revival after years of stagnation under President Obama.

So, best thing Democrats can say is that "things could be better." But the party leaders don't have any ideas to make that happen.
There is more.

There only ideas would likely slow the economy and give people less money in their pockets.  They would recycle all the bad ideas Obama tried that did not work.  They want to raise taxes so they can spend more on their dependency programs which are a poor substitute for s real job.


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