Democrats are on the wrong side of voters on immigration issue

Douglas Schoen:
With the midterms slowly approaching, regaining the support of Independents and moderate Republicans will be key for Democrats in their fight to take back the House. However, light of contentious issues such as immigration where the party has moved further left than ever before, this will be an increasingly difficult demographic for Democrats to appeal to in November. According to a July Gallup poll, immigration is one of the most important issues for Americans heading into the midterm elections, with 22 percent of respondents saying it was the nation's most important problem.

Certainly, this is concerning for Democrats, as recent polls reveal that the party is simply not winning on this divisive—and potentially decisive—issue. Notably, according to a July Quinnipiac poll, 60 percent of voters say Democrats in Congress are more interested in “exploiting the nation's immigration issue for political gain,” instead of actually resolving the issue of immigration. Most Americans view the Democratic rhetoric against Trump’s immigration policies as political grandstanding, and not as a sincere motivation to enact helpful policy.

Even more revealing is the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll conducted in July, which found that 56 percent of Americans see Democratic candidates as out of step with the mainstream, an increase of 8 percent since 2016. This surge can at least partially be attributed to the progressive left candidates themselves, and the direction that they are pushing the party in as a whole....
There is more.  Schoen reviews some of the more extreme positions Democrats have taken on the immigration issue.  Their appeals to their kook base are unlikely to bring enough voters to their side on this issue.


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