Port of Corpus Christi sells $216 million in bonds for port expansion

Fuel Fix:
The Port of Corpus Christi sold more than $216 million in bonds this week to fund energy export projects.

Port officials on Friday morning said the money will be used to deepen and widen the Corpus Christi Ship Channel and fund upcoming capital projects within the Port.

The channel improvement project isn't the only one that could receive the money. A new crude oil export terminal that would be able to take in the world's largest tankers, the 2 million barrel very large crude carriers or VLCCs, is being eyed by the port for Harbor Island, just two miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico.

That project and another one being proposed by the port on Harbor Island, a water desalination plant, has run into opposition in the town of Port Aransas, located just 1,000 feet across the channel from where the proposed terminal would be.

Some there are concerned that the project would pose a risk to the area's vital tourism industry and are concerned about the potential terminal's location, which took a direct hit from Hurricane Harvey in August 2017.
I think it is more likely that such a facility could become a tourist attraction for people interested in how these huge ships operate.  Both projects could help the port become an even more profitable part of the city's energy economy.  The Port of Corpus Christi is part of the build up in infrastructure to serve the Permian Basin oil production and exporting of oil.


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