A headline that does not match the lead on student loans

NY Times:

DeVos Proposes to Curtail Debt Relief for Defrauded Students

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos proposed requiring that borrowers prove that they have fallen into financial distress or that their colleges knowingly deceived them to get aid.
People I know with student loans have always had to demonstrate they are unable to make the required payments in order to get relief.  I think the Education Department has an interest in learning of a college is abusing the process to take advantage of unsophisticated borrowers.  That would be a good way to shut down the program before other students are defrauded.

Personally, I have not had any student loans in over 50 years, but I still get nearly daily robocalls from someone claiming they can get me relief from loans I do not have.  If there was a way for the Department of Education to shut down these operations, I would be all for it.


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