Liberals who have taken the red pill and back Trump

Walter Kirn:
Illiberal Values

I recently took a road trip across the Western and Southern states in order to reconnect with the real world and break an emerging internet addiction that was numbing my wrists and fingers. In Surf City, North Carolina, I had dinner with a woman who’d read on Twitter that I was in the area and asked whether I might want to meet her and hear her story. I did a little research on her first, and my interest was piqued. I learned that she wrote a blog on relationships and sex, and that she was a single mother in her forties. I learned that she was a Christian, a Free Will Baptist who went by the pen name Kitten Holiday. And I learned that she was a fan of Donald Trump.

This last detail intrigued but didn’t surprise me. A lot of the “freethinkers” I know—people who either voted for the president or don’t mind hanging out with people who did—are remarkably lively, far-out folks. They resemble, in some ways, the liberals of my youth. Take my friend Curtis, a specialist in the futuristic field of predictive policing. When he wasn’t running software programs, he played fuzz rock on his guitar or fraternized at his local Masonic lodge, and he once wrote, directed, and edited a short film about a shoot-out in a dive bar. He liked to hike and take psychedelic drugs, including the resurgent ayahuasca. A couple of years ago, having grown dubious of America’s high-tech utopianism, Curtis left Los Angeles and bought a small house in the Arizona desert, where he felt he could be self-sufficient. Inspired by Trump’s postmodern populism, he now spends a lot of time in Kekistan, the joking-not-joking, anarchic web-world symbolically governed by Pepe the Frog. Is Curtis perhaps a member of the “alt-right”? Maybe. I’m still not sure what the term means. What’s certain, however, is that he enjoys himself in ways the old right never did.
It gives an idea of the diverse make-up of the Trump coalition that is at odds with that presented by teh anti-Trumpers and the mainstream media.  These people tend to like Trump because he is different from traditional politicians.


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