Germany finding an increasing number of Islamic extremists

Legal Insurrection:
Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, or BfV, has reported a significant rise in the number of Islamist extremists living in the country. Officially classified as Salafists, or radicalized Sunni Muslims, their numbers have reached a new all-time high according to the agency’s annual report issued on Tuesday.

The number of Islamists in the country has doubled in the past five years, crossing 10,800 individuals. This significant growth in the Islamist scene can be attributed to more than a million Arab and Muslim migrants taken in by the country since Chancellor Angela Merkel opened borders in the autumn of 2015.

According to the report, intelligence agencies are finding it increasingly hard to monitor and infiltrate Islamic groups as they increasingly revert to closed private circles and internet.

The 359-page intelligence report reviewed by Legal Insurrection links mass migration to Islamic terrorism and violent antisemitism, describing the trend as a “serious challenge to the free and tolerant coexistence” in Germany....
Included in this number are members of Hezballah and Hamas.  Merkel's open borders policy has made it a much less safe place for those targeted by radical Islamists.  They are also taking in people with known connections to terrorists because they might be made uncomfortable in their native country.


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