Media can't handle push back against their criticism of the President

Washington Post:
The president’s Twitter tirade came after the publisher of the New York Times disclosed that he had warned Trump recently that his inflammatory rhetoric about the media could lead to violence.
It never seems to occur to many in the media that their own criticism of Republicans might be seen in the same light as the return fire they are getting from President Trump.  Since he began his campaign much of the media decided that his policies were too dangerous and that they did not have to treat him fairly. 

That is not a healthy attitude and it leads directly to the challenges Trump dishes daily back at the media.   How many stories have we seen that accuse the President of putting lives in jeopardy from such nonsense as "net neutrality" to his dealings with adversaries like North Korea and Iran?  Yet here we are with no mass casualties and no genocide despite the predictions of the left.

The media has been exposed as having several whiners who can dish it but can't take it.


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