John Podesta and the Russian spies

Monica Showalter:
Was John Podesta a Russian dupe?  At a minimum, he was a Russian dupe, based on information from a long, interesting article today titled "How Silicon Valley Became a Den of Spies," from Politico magazine.

Politico points out that the very firm that Podesta was involved with, Rusnano USA (via its Joule subsidiary), is the likely new vehicle for Russian spying these days, effectively replacing the now shuttered Russian consulate in San Francisco.  Politico writes (emphasis mine):
But even with the consulate shuttered, there are alternative vehicles for Russian intelligence-gathering in Silicon Valley. One potential mechanism, said three former intelligence officials, is Rusnano USA, the sole U.S. subsidiary of Rusnano, a Russian government-owned venture capital firm primarily focused on nanotechnology. Rusnano USA, which was founded in 2011, is located in Menlo Park, near Stanford University. "Some of the [potential intelligence-gathering] activities Rusnano USA was involved in were not only related to the acquisition of technology, but also inserting people into venture capital groups, in developing those relationships in Silicon Valley that allowed them to get their tentacles into everything," one former intelligence official told me. "And Rusnano USA was kind of the mechanism for that."
Rusnano's interests, said this former official, have extended to technology with both civilian and potential military applications. U.S. intelligence officials were very concerned about contacts between Rusnano USA employees and suspected Russian intelligence officers based at Russia's San Francisco Consulate and elsewhere, this person said. "The Russians treated [Rusnano USA] as an intelligence platform, from which they launched operations," said another former U.S. intelligence official. (Rusnano USA and the Russian Embassy in Washington, did not respond to requests for comment.)
Rusnano, eh?  That's the one former Clinton campaign chief John Podesta was involved with, though Politico doesn't mention it.  Remember when John Podesta got his board seat on a green energy company called Joule?  Here is what the Daily Caller reported back in 2017....
So what we have is the main Russian spying vehicle, Rusnano, just coincidentally, getting involved with John Podesta's green energy company, where he sat as a board member, plopping down its Russian CEO, Anatoly Chubais, into a board seat next to him, and, oh, what a coincidence, rolling a billion rubles ($35 million) into the operation as an "investment."  This sounds like dupe-itude to me.  The Russians don't throw $35 million around without knowing what they are doing.
So why isn't Mueller looking into this aspect of what looks like Russian collusion by Hillary's buddy?


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