US new Stormbreaker bomb can penetrate bad weather and bad viability to find and destroy the enemy even if on the move

Fox News:
Enemies of the United States will never be able to use bad weather to hide again.

StormBreaker is a new bomb that can seek out targets in spite of bad weather in the battlespace.

Not only does it reign over all weather, around the clock…it can hunt bad guys when they are on the move or trying to escape in vehicles.

This U.S. Air Force program will give American fighters the crucial advantage of being able to precisely strike when others cannot. Made by Raytheon, the bomb is fired from fighter jets thousands of feet up, and penetrates bad weather to attack moving and stationary targets on the ground.

The F-15E Strike Eagles are the first to receive the revolutionary bomb. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and F/A 18E/F Super Hornets are next to be armed with these bad boys.
For this scale of capability, you might expect it is massive in size. But this remarkable bomb only weighs just over 200 pounds. It is 70 inches long and just seven inches in diameter. Similar in size to those fun floating noodle toys found in pools, ponds and surf all around the U.S.
There is more.

The Stormbreaker can be launched from up to 40 miles away from a target meaning less risk for the pilots and aircraft.  There is a video showing how the bomb penetrates foul weather to deliver the ordinance on a moving or stationary target.


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