Max Boot is calling Rod Rosenstein a liar?

Washington Post Op-ed:
There is no evidence that the Russians effected the outcome of the elections.  None.  Rosenstein has said so in every case in which a Russian has been charged with interfering in the US election. Americans don't need any advice from the Russians when they make the logical choice to vote against Democrats, especially ones like Hillary Clinton. 

You can bet that had Trump done what Clinton did in the handling of classified material, Boot would have been one of the first to want to see him charged and tried.  So would all the other Never-Trumpers that spill their hatred toward the President on a daily basis at the Washington Post.  I have yet to meet one Trump voter who thinks the Russians had anything to do with their vote.

Boot is just another bitter Never-Trumper like Jennifer Rubin who can't get over the fact that voters rejected their election advice.  They would rather blame on the Russians than on the bad candidate they supported.


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