Democrats flummoxed by Trump trade deals

Roger L. Simon:
They must be burning whatever gallons of midnight oil they have left at MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. -- all the propaganda organs of the Democratic Party -- trying to figure out how to downplay the agreement Donald Trump just made with European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker, but it's not going to be easy. This is the beginning of a massive free trade deal between Europe and the U.S. with zero tariffs outside the auto industry. If even half of it comes true, there will be a (okay, why not?) YUUUGE growth in trade benefitting both sides of the Atlantic.

Forget porn stars. Forget tapes. Forget evil Vlad and Rocket Man. Forget insulting our NATO partners (whatever that means). Forget that pseudo-socialist with the hyphenated name. Forget Mueller, sleazy Strzok , Adam "Leaker" Schiff, Fingers Clapper, Knuckles Brennan, Rocko Rosenstein, or any of the sordid crew. Forget even Twitter! (well, maybe). By comparison, those are all sideshows. As everyone knows, in politics, "It's the economy, stupid!"

Or, put another way, "It's the art of the deal." And that's what came through today and then some. This is the most significant moment of Trump's presidency since the tax law passed -- and he's had plenty, more than any president of any of our lifetimes if you actually think about it.

Boom went the stock market within seconds of the announcement. And those investors know a lot more than Jim Acosta, Chris Matthews, or even Jake Tapper. (Don't cry, guys. We know how big your 401Ks are and a lot of that is due to Trump. Be grateful for a change. Your grandchildren will thank you.) It already looked as if we were headed for another Trump bull market with growth approaching a jaw-dropping five percent. Good for everyone.

The Dems and their media lackeys are not going to have the tariff issue to kick around anymore. Turns out it was what anyone with the proverbial IQ in triple digits knew it was -- a bargaining chip.

Making matters worse for the Dems, this new deal entails growing sales of liquid natural gas by our country to Europe. Who does that most affect? Well, duh, Comrade Putin, of course. Thought experiment (actually you don't even have to think to answer this one): What do you suppose would trouble Putin more -- the U.S. cornering the LNG market or Trump calling him a bunch of nasty names?

It's so obvious that Trump has done more to actually "trouble" Putin by his actions (really arming the Ukrainians, etc.) than any of his recent predecessors that it would be generally acknowledged in a semi-honest media environment. The whole hoo-haw about Helsinki was less than a bunch of nothing in the grand scheme of things. But the oppressive leftwing (to use a dated term) media environment affects even the right so they often can't see straight and apologize for things that need no apology. This new deal should straighten some of that out.
Despite the Democrats and their media cohorts, along with a few Republicans attempting to make it harder to force trading partners to make a fair deal with the US, Trump has succeeded in a major deal that will benefit US manufacturing and US farmers.  It shows what is different about Trump from conventional politicians.  He knows how to leverage concessions from people he is doing deals with.  It is why he is much more successful than Obama could ever hope to be.  Obama's approach was to throw US money at a deal to get to yes.


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