Socialism vs. capitalism, the same old story

Silvio Cantu:
We are watching three countries going in different economic directions: the U.S., Cuba, and Venezuela. It is a classic case of free markets versus socialism.

Down in Cuba, the message has not changed over the years, as the new president reminded us:

Cuba's economy grew less than expected in the first half of 2018 and an ongoing liquidity crisis will force fresh belt tightening, President Miguel Diaz-Canel said on Sunday.

He is proposing constitutional changes. However, Cuban perestroika won't work any better than the one we saw in the USSR.

Venezuela is more than falling apart: "Venezuela could eventually have 1 million percent inflation."

What does that inflation level mean? It means this: "Venezuela's currency has lost 99.9997 percent of its value in the past 6½ years. To put that in perspective, $333,333 worth of bolivars in 2012 would be worth $1 today."
Meanwhile, in the US the government announced 4.1 percent GDP growth as teh economy recovers from the Obama years.  It is clear all of those Democrats who think they are socialists need to take a sabbatical to Cuba and Venezuela and show them "how to do it right" before they are given the chance to ruin the US economy with their failed ideology.


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