Trump tells NATO allies to quit free riding on US defense budget

NY Times:

Trump Criticizes NATO Allies for Not Increasing Defense Budgets

  • President Trump warned several NATO allies that the U.S. is losing patience with their failure to meet security obligations shared by the alliance.
  • The sharply worded letters, which went out last month, are the latest sign of acrimony between Mr. Trump and American allies as he heads to a NATO summit meeting next week.
Trump has been caught acting like a boss who is disappointed in those who are supposed to be working with him.  Germany is a real laggard spending about half of what it is supposed to and its readiness is laughable.  A recent report said only four of Germany's fighter jets are combat operational.  Four?  Germany appears to need fresh leadership that can help it reach its potential as an ally.  Estonia is probably more ready to fight than Germany.

That Trump is having to do this also demonstrates a lack of leadership by past US administrations.  How did Obama allow this decline to go unnoticed?


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