Left will have to raise money without extorting from people who did not want to join leftist supporting unions

NY Times:

Supreme Court Loss for Unions Upends Liberal Money Base

Progressive groups getting tens of millions of dollars a year from public-sector unions found their funding at risk after the Supreme Court struck down mandatory union fees for government workers.
The leftist will have to raise money from people who want to support them now.  Hopefully, that will be a smaller group.  They had quite a scam going for several years, forcing people who were not members of a union to pay them money which they used to support Democrats. 

It also set up an inherent conflict of interest that disadvantaged taxpayers. 

If they got the Democrats elected the unions would then negotiate for increased benefits and pay with no one setting at the table representing the taxpayers.  It is one of the reasons why blue states like California, Illinois, and New York have unsustainable public pension plans.


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