Democrat resistance not working?

Investor's Business Daily:
Trump Approval Jumps As Attacks From Critics Backfire; Trump Now More Popular Than FBI: IBD/TIPP Poll

In the span of a few days, a mob chased Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen out of a D.C. restaurant, the owner of the Red Hen in Virginia kicked Trump spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders out. Actor Peter Fonda encouraged the abduction and molestation of the president's youngest son. Rep. Maxine Waters made remarks that appeared to encourage mob violence.

Some Democrats worried that such antics would only help Trump, which the IBD/TIPP poll appears to confirm.

At the same time, Trump scored a big win internationally with his summit meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. He also won a string of victories at the Supreme Court. Among other things, the court upheld Trump's travel ban on certain Muslim countries.

Trump not only made gains among Republicans — 83% of whom now approve of the job he's doing — but among independents, whose approval climbed 5 points to 34%. His approval jumped 7 points among men and 2 points among women.

Regionally, Trump's biggest gain came from the south (up 8 points) and rural areas (up 7 points). He also made strong gains among the young, high school educated, and lower income groups, as well as among blacks.
The President's approval is up five percent in this poll.   Hysteria does not appear to help Democrats.


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