China's trade aggression

Bill Weckesser:
It’s probably not smart to go “mano a mano” with Trump over trade. As is typically the case, he’s looking further down the road than his critics.

These are acts by the Chinese government that completely foreign to most Americans and most of the media. But not to Trump and his team. More than trade and economics, Trump sees this as a war of political ideologies. As such, his administration has issued a Churchillian warning in its white paper, “How China’s Economic Aggression Threatens the Technologies and Intellectual Property of the United States and the World.” Paragraph one sets the tone:

The Chinese government is implementing a comprehensive, long-term industrial strategy to ensure its global dominance…. Beijing’s ultimate goal is for domestic companies to replace foreign companies as designers and manufacturers of key technology and products first at home, then abroad.
Where others see a trade war, Trump is seeing a fight for fair trade and a fight against the theft of US technology and manufacturing.   The Chinese technology transfer requirements are a key target of the Trump administration.


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