Sorosites out in crowd in DC

NY Times:

Hints of a Sustained Campaign of Protest

  • Crowds gathered on Saturday at a protest in Washington and others around the world.
  • Celebrities and activists, including Gloria Steinem, Alicia Keys and Ashley Judd, were among the speakers.
I suspect that George Soros helped fund this demonstration.  He has a history of backing far left-wing activists.  These women managed to embarrass themselves with their rhetoric and their funny hats.  While I would never be considered as big a Trump supporter, seeing these liberals in the streets could make me one.  What was ironic is they were supposedly marking against "hate" while they were demonstrating their own hate for middle America.

Unlike the large Tea Party crowds, these people fouled the nation's capital and did not clean up after themselves.

These are ideologues who are impervious to reason.  They have to be defeated.


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