Anti-energy left pushing their bad faith agenda against Texas Parks appointment

Fuel Fix:
Protesters expect more than 100 to rally against Texas Parks & Wildlife Department commissioner Kelcy Warren at this morning’s commission meeting in Austin.

Activists are ramping up protests against the Energy Transfer Partners chief executive, urging the state senate to reject Warren’s appointment.

The protesters argue that Warren is conflicted: His company is building pipelines that run through culturally sensitive Indian land and ecologically fragile wilderness — though not through state parks, they say. Energy Transfer is building the Dakota Access Pipeline that runs above the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota, site of turbulent and sometimes violent protests this fall, and has nearly finished the Trans-Pecos pipeline from the Permian Basin in West Texas to Mexico.

The rally is being organized by Alpine-based Big Bend Defense Coalition and the Society of Native Nations.
The so-called "Native Americans" are just being used by the anti-energy left to push their agenda of blocking the use fossil fuels where ever they can.  I have always objected to the term Native Americans because most of this group's ancestors migrated to the Amerian continent just like the Europeans did.  They just did it earlier and came from the East rather than the West.

These people are allowing themselves to be used in a very cynical way.  The "cultural sensitivity" is just a convenient hoax.  The opposition to pipelines is just ridiculous.   It is the best way to transport oil and gas and produces the least pollution. These people are just trying to drive up the cost to the rest of the country in order to push less efficient energy.  They are the useful idiots of OPEC and the Russian oil oligarchs.


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