Media still insists on calling housing inside Jerusalem 'settlements'

Israel has announced plans to build almost 600 new settlement homes in occupied East Jerusalem, just two days after Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president, with officials stating the “rules of the game have changed”.

The announcement by the Jerusalem municipality came as Israeli officials appeared emboldened by the new Trump administration, which has made clear its policies will be far more pro-Israel and settlements than Barack Obama’s.

Senior Palestinian officials immediately condemned the plans. They fear a Trump presidency could signal the death knell for their hopes of their own state as well as the end of the Oslo peace process.

The announcement came as Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said he would hold his first conversation with Trump as president by telephone on Sunday.

“Many matters face us: the Israeli-Palestinian issue, the situation in Syria, the Iranian threat,” he said at the start of his weekly cabinet meeting.

Before the phone call, Netanyahu reportedly told his ministers that he would tell Trump he was willing to give Palestinians a “state minus” – suggesting a level of autonomy short of statehood.
The Palestinians are going to have to give up their fantasy of having Jerusalem as part of any state they can negotiate.  They have no legitimate claim to Jerusalem and their mosque in parts of Jerusalem is actually an interloper in Jerusalem put there in an attempt to suppress the Jewish religion.  It has been a practice of Muslims to try to suppress other religions by building mosques on the others holy sites.

The main reason there has been no deal is because many in the international community have fed into the Palestinian fantasy of destroying the Jewish state.  If they want a state they are going to have to accept much less than they have been demanding as a condition of even negotiating.


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