Islam has a problem and it is not Donald Trump

Roger L. Simon:
You can be a virtue-signaling moral narcissist and get all exercised about Donald Trump's executive order suspending visas from seven primarily Muslim countries for the next ninety days, but I have a question for you: what do we do about Islam?
How dangerous is that ideology? Ask yourself this: Why is it that since 9/11/2001 there he have been 30,209 terror attacks in the name of Allah? There have been 38 in the last six days alone, resulting in 425 killed and 419 injured. There were also nine suicide bombings during that time frame.

So I repeat, why is that? DNA? That would be racist. Poverty? But most of the terror masters are rich. How about an ideology that urges you to do these things, just as it always has since the seventh century? Could that be the reason -- just possibly?

If so, do you have some idea of what to do about that ideology or do you prefer to blame Donald Trump because he is trying to do something about it, at least trying to makes sure his own citizens are protected?
Better to protest at JFK or wherever they are perpetuating this horrifyingly racist and unAmerican order the orangeman has perpetrated on the innocent of the Third World. Give me your tired, your poor, Nancy Pelosi intones from the exclusive terroir of her Napa Valley vineyard. It's a desecration of the Holocaust, says Jerrold Nadler, unknowingly desecrating the Holocaust himself by making such an absurd comparison.
There is more.

What is it about Islam that compels so many to commit mass murder for Allah attacks?  It is an ideology that promotes religious bigotry on a mass scale and then blames those who resist it as bigots.

Then we have experts who insist that if you are critical of this murderous ideology you will make more Muslims want to commit mass murder for Allah.  Are they really that crazy that if you tell them they are wrong they automatically become mass murderers?


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