Some in State Department think Muslims will become mass murderers if they can't come to US

NY Times:

Open Dissent Erupts at State Department; Over 100 Sign Memo

Officials are circulating a memorandum that warns that barring more than 200 million people might deepen the threat of terrorism.
They appear to have a low opinion of the mental stability of Muslims.  It is the same attitude that has allowed radical Islam to thrive during the last eight years.  But if they are right about the mental instability of some Muslims it is better that it happen in their own country than the US.

The Trump White House has told the memo signers they are welcome to find other work outside of government.  The bureaucracy may be making it easier for Trump to move his agenda forward by their unwillingness to work for him.  He can replace them with people who support his plans.

Meanwhile, Arab leaders are lining up to meet with Trump and hope he can help suppress the radicals.


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