Media has lost the definition of the word 'lie'

NY Times:

In Swirl of ‘Untruths,’ Calling Out a Lie

Mr. Trump’s repeated baseless assertion about widespread voter fraud has challenged the news media to find words to describe it.
An honestly held belief is not a lie.  The media seems have lost the grasp of this fact.  It would just as logical for Trump to say the media is lying about vote fraud.  The two sides have their belief and probably the best way to resolve it is to have the investigation that Trump has suggested.

There is no doubt that there is voter fraud.  There have been numerous cases prosecuted including a woman who voted for Trump twice.  What is really in dispute is the scope of the fraud.  The Democrats resistance to voter integrity laws makes it more difficult to stop voter fraud.  It makes it harder to stop the busing of voters from one precinct to another to vote numerous times as was admitted to in a video of a Democrat in New York City.

The media has made little to no effort to explain why more people voted in Detroit precincts than were registered.  That came to light in the recount sponsored by liberal groups, but where is the media investigation of it.  Could it be from the same busing of voters that was discussed in New York City?  If it were happening in Republican precincts would the media think it worthy of an investigation?

There were reports that Democrats including President Obama were urging illegal immigrants to vote for Hillary Clinton.  California's driver's licenses for illegals would also facility illegal voting and some California politicians are eager to allow illegals to vote in local elections too.

All of this calls for an investigation.  The media should embrace it rather than ridicule it.


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