Besides building a border wall, Trump takes steps to keep Gitmo open, targets Muslim Brotherhood

NY Times:

Trump Plans Mexican Wall and Sets Sights on Immigration

  • President Trump on Wednesday will sign an executive order to direct funds to the building of a border wall, a signature issue of his campaign.
  • He is also considering resuming a once-secret detention program, keeping the Guantánamo Bay prison open and designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group.
It is time to recognize that Obama's policy of releasing terrorist did absolutely nothing to reduce terrorism.  It was always a bogus proposition.  He and some in the Pentagon made the mistake of listening to the wrong people on the issue.  Islamic terrorism is not caused by resisting it.  It is caused by Islamic religious bigotry that has zero to do with Gitmo.  The facility and the interrogation of detainees actually helped to uncover plots and thwart them, and terrorism actually increased under Obama's policies.

It is also hard to understand the reluctance in naming the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.  Many Muslim countries have already done that.  If you look at the charter of the organization it is quite clear that their objective is a Muslim dictator controlling the world.  They are Islamic religious bigots on steroids.  They may play like good little lambs, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves out to destroy anyone who does not accept their weird beliefs.


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