World not expected to meet Paris agreement goals on energy

Fuel Fix:
The world is on pace to fall far short of the 2015 Paris climate goals, even though the rate of global carbon emissions will fall sharply, according to BP’s annual Energy Outlook.

The 20-year outlook report released Wednesday projects global carbon emissions will grow by 0.6 percent a year — compared to 2.1 percent now — but the contention that emissions will still be increasing at all by 2035 places the world well off of its stated goals.

New President Donald Trump has said he’s considering pulling out of the accord, but he also indicated he’ll keep an “open mind” about the deal. His pick for secretary of state, former Exxon Mobil chief Rex Tillerson, said the U.S. should stay “at the table” on the agreement.

Carbon emissions need to fall by around 30 percent by 2035 to have a good chance of achieving the goals set out in Paris to prevent the world’s average temperature from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius. As such, more governmental intervention and policies are needed, said BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley.

“In BP, we continue to believe that carbon pricing has an important part to play as it provides incentives for everyone — producers and consumers alike — to play their part,” Dudley said.

BP has increasingly advocated for so-called carbon taxes with an aim toward the world relying more on natural gas, which burns cleaner than coal. BP has invested more in natural gas production in recent years.
I oppose a carbon tax.  Government price fixing is as bad and industry price fixing.  It lessens the incentive for competitors to produce a more efficient alternative energy source.  It is the kind of action that induces government waste like the bad loans to Solyndra and other alternative energy project promoted by the Obama administration.

If we are going to have alternative energy it must be competitive on the merits are it will lower everyone's standard of living but the people selling it.  The fight against fossil fuels at this point is also a fight against the poor who can least afford the inefficient alternatives.


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