Media still falsely accuses Trump of lying about illegal voting

NY Times:

A Trump Lie on Illegal Voters Leads to a Promise to Investigate Voting Rolls

Vice President Pence’s promise of a “full evaluation of voting rolls in the country” has Democrats worried that ballot access will be tightened to exclude minorities.
It is not a lie to say that illegal voting may have effected the vote totals.  There is a dispute between liberals and the media and the Trump administration over whether it happened and having an investigation is a reasonable means to determine who is right.

Calling someone on the other side of a dispute a liar is not good journalism, it is a reflection of bias.  There were some prosecutions for vote fraud in recent elections and the argument really is over the scope of the problem.  To suggest that voter integrity laws would exclude minorities is just absurd and is racist on the part of the opponents to the measures.  Minorities are perfectly capable of getting proper identification.  They do it all the time and no one stops them from doing so.

In many cases, minorities are the victims of vote fraud that takes place in their precincts.  The complaints about Sen. Sessions prosecuting of vote fraud is a clear example of it.  Black leaders complained to him about the mishandling of absentee ballots in their community and the investigation showed their complaints were valid.

Investigators in Harris country Texas found voter registrations where people were giving vacant lots or storefronts as their address.  There were not able to find anyone living at those addresses.  It si fair to assume that the registration could be used by someone to vote more than once.  Voter ID would make that much more difficult and would disenfranchise no one.

Leaving dead people on the rolls are allowing duplicate registrations is at best irresponsible, but it is convenient for those who want to cheat or protect those who do.


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