Democrats' bet on identity politics is not working anymore

Susan Wright:
Do you know why Democrats lost big in November?

Besides the fact that Hillary Clinton was a horrendous candidate, I mean.

Identity politics.

Hillary Clinton was owed the presidency, because she was a woman.

Likewise, before her, Barack Obama was owed the presidency because of the color of his skin.

These were the things that were wielded as weapons against the American people for the past 8 years.

Hillary Clinton couldn’t be a qualified, competent candidate, who just happened to be a woman, the same as Obama couldn’t be a qualified, competent candidate who just happened to be biracial.
No, for Democrats, they put all their chips on making straight, white males out to be the Great Oppressors. And if those straight, white males were also Christian?


After eight years of a president setting neighbor against neighbor, based on skin color or religion, crafting a narrative of rogue police officers, out to destroy minorities, America used this past election to push back.
There is much more.

While their strategy is no longer working for them, those in the running to head the DNC appear to want to double down on the failed strategy.  I have compared liberal Democrats to radical Islamist in the sense that both respond to any failure by assuming it was because they were not radical enough.

Some of this group have become openly racists against whites.  Now there is another losing strategy.


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