Iran is back on the list of countries whose people can't come to the US

NY Times:

In Iran, Shock and Bewilderment Over Trump Visa Crackdown

The new administration’s freeze on visas for a targeted group of countries could provide an early test of its relationship with Tehran.
The leadership of Iran is at war with the US and has been since 1979.  In fact, Jimmy Carter as President also banned Iranian from coming to the US.  Their attitude has not much changed much since then other than taking Obama to the cleaners with a terrible nuke deal.

They are still using their proxies to attack the US and its allies and they are harassing the freedom of navigation in the Persian Gulf.  They are still sending people into the streets to shout "Death to America."  It is a country that is still under the control of genocidal Islamic religious bigots.  They are still working to develop ICBM's to put their nukes on when the terrible Obama agreement runs its course.

The Iranians who escaped from this Islamist hell hole and came to the US have been good citizens and have embraced the American culture much more so than more recent Muslims refugees.  But, it is not safe for these people to go back to Iran and visit relatives because this regime of despots is likely to take them hostage.


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