Obama's Iranian sell out

The Iran deal was nothing more or less that the abject capitulation of the United States and the sell out of the handful of allies we have in the region. We got nothing from the deal. Iran got to establish a sphere of influence that now includes Iraq and Syria. It got to keep 100% of its nuclear capacity. It got to keep IAEA inspectors on a short leash. It got the United States to send Iran some $1.8 billion in cash and 120 tons of uranium. And it got a commitment from the United States to defend Iran’s nuclear infrastructure from direct and cyber attacks.

At some point people need to stop obsessing on Mike Flynn’s calls to the Russian Ambassador in Washington and start focusing on the extent to which Barack Obama’s White House served as a willing proxy for the strategic objectives of the Iranian government.
This deal was a travesty that must be undone.  I think Trump will do it by holding the Iranians to the strict terms of the deal with no waivers granted.  He may also do it in retaliation for Iranian attacks on US warships and boats. That should also give the US the opportunity to reimpose sanctions on Iran and any company that does business with it.


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