Media still in denial about voter fraud

NY Times:

Trump Promises ‘Major Investigation’ of Voter Fraud

Mr. Trump doubled down Wednesday on his fraudulent assertion that millions of illegal immigrants gave Hillary Clinton her 2.8 million-ballot victory in the popular vote.
Since Democrats have been trying to block voter integrity laws, there is no way that the Times are anyone else can prove there is not vote fraud.  In fact, during the recent campaign some politicians actually openly urged illegal immigrants to register and vote.

The state of California where Clinton got the most vote actually facilitates illegal immigration voting by giving them drivers' licenses.  Some California politicians have actually talked about legalizing illegal immigration voting.

Texas has brought voter fraud cases and so have other states.  For the Times to deny that there is any just wrong and to assert a belief is a "fraudulent assertion" is just irresponsible journalism, something the Times claims to engage in.

Democrats oppose voter integrity laws because it makes it more difficult for them to vote for dead people and to bus people from precinct to precinct to vote multiple times.  Whether it is done in the thousands or the millions it is wrong and the liberals are just wrong to oppose voter ID and other measures.

Their assertion that blacks and other minorities are harmed by this is just racist.  Blacks are perfectly capable of getting an ID as are Hispanics.  They do it all the time.  Opposition to these laws is just a bad faith effort to facilitate cheating.


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