Mischaracterizing the Vice-Presidents opposition to a 'Muslim ban'

Washington Post:
Pence, who had called a Muslim ban ‘unconstitutional,’ now lauds restrictions on refugees

The vice president and Defense Secretary James Mattis — two people who once criticized such a ban — stood behind the president as he established “new vetting measures to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States.”
For starters, if he said it was unconstitutional, he was wrong.  But the larger point is that the ban only effects a few countries with dysfunctional governments and a lack of ability to provide vetting material.  Most Muslim countries are not impacted at all.  What the countries have in common is a high number of terrorist and in the case of Iran a country that has held the title of the chief state sponsor of terrorism for decades.

The Post also makes a rather absurd point in another story that Trump does not have any business ties to these countries as if that were somehow relevant.  Who in their right mind would put a luxury hotel in any of these countries?  By even making that argument they undercut the argument that the restrictions are a ban on Muslims since there are many Muslim countries that are not impacted by the ban.


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