Carlos Slims steps in to help Mexico negotiate with Trump

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim said a united country could help the government negotiate with President Donald Trump.

Mexico needs to negotiate from a position of strength, Slim said in a Friday news conference. Slim, who gained a $50 billion fortune owning mobile network America Movil, argued the clash between Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has brought Mexico together. Slim urged political parties in the country to unite behind Nieto.

While he called Trump a great negotiator, Slim said Friday that Mexico should not be scared of him or assume things will go badly.
While some of Trump's policies push toward modernization and development, Slim said it seems other policies hope for a "return to the past" to America's "successful industrial society." If Trump is not more selective about what is manufactured in the U.S., Slim said it would be American importers and consumers that pay the price.
This is one of the few rational reactions to Trump's agenda with Mexico.  Slim seems to comprehend that much of what Trump is saying is setting the groundwork for a negotiation.  The Mexican government and liberals in this country would be wise to listen to Slim's reaction.  Other business leaders inside the US are already reacting in this way.  Business leaders understand what is going on much better than media pundits and liberals in general.


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