Where are those with the courage of our founders who will take on this historically bad choice presented by the parties?

Michael Graham:
When the founders gathered 240 years ago to "mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor," they weren't engaged in political posturing. Unlike contemporary politicians who love to celebrate their own courage for supporting gun control or gender-neutral public showering, the Founders faced grave and immediate danger. The most powerful military in the world was on their shores and they were publicly declaring themselves its enemy.

For the dream of America to be realized, we needed our wealthiest and best-educated elites to find the courage to risk their lives, not to mention everything they owned, all on a nation not yet born.

To keep that nation from a hideous fate, all we need is for one of those men (or women) to step up and offer themselves as a presidential candidate.
In a typical year, running an independent candidacy would require more lunacy than bravery (see Perot, Ross H). Normally, talk of a convention coup would be fringe nonsense. But this year, given the facts on the ground, changing the tickets or running an alternative candidate isn't crazy. In fact, it's insane not to.
Or to put it another way, the two major-party candidates are stuck at 40 percent against a giant, earth-crushing meteor.

Democrats have chosen to pledge their political lives and fortunes (they're politicians — they have no honor) to a woman who is under FBI investigation for both endangering American national security and turning the secretary of state's office into a family ATM.

Republicans seem determined to march in lock-step with a man who, when he's not attacking "Mexicans" from Indiana or insulting a woman's "wherever," is being sued for running the educational equivalent of the Nigerian email scam.

The two least liked, least trusted, most despised presidential candidates in modern American history are facing each other, voters tell any pollster who asks that they're begging for an alternative, and ... nothing happens. We're stuck.

Why? For lack of courage.
There is more.

I am reminded of the man whose wife said she wanted a divorce and he asked her "Is there someone else?"  She responded, "There has to be."


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