Trump tries to trip Democrat ties to labor

Washington Post:
Trump’s anti-trade rhetoric rattles Clinton, unions

Hillary Clinton has won the endorsements of several of the nation’s largest labor organizations. But Donald Trump is resonating with some in the rank-and-file, as the presumptive GOP nominee co-opts the traditional labor message about the perils of free trade and globalization.
As I pointed out in this post,  Trump and the unions are dead wrong about NAFTA being the cause of lost jobs.  Trade is responsible for about a million jobs in Texas.  The state has prospered because of NAFTA and Mexico is Texas's biggest trading partner.  Blue state economics is what is really holding back many of the rust belt states who have lost jobs.  Rick Perry can explain how it happened better than most politicians.  If Trump were a wiser candidate he would be listening to Perry now.

Trump is stealing the Democrat pander to uncompetitive unions.  These are the same people who opposed the trade agreement with Colombia even though it would have given the US a competitive advantage in manufacturing jobs for heavy equipment.  There appears to be no voice of reason on this issue at this point in the race.

When it comes to trade, Trump is not very smart and the Democrats are not far behind in that category.


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