Trump screws up even when Hillary is getting hammered

Erick Erickson:
With metronomic regularity, Donald Trump makes sure to open his mouth to distract the press and American public from Hillary Clinton. It is a guarantee that the moment Hillary Clinton suffers a bad day in the press, Donald Trump will rescue her with an absurd statement or tweet.

As the American public is dwelling on the FBI Director’s statement that Hillary Clinton was reckless and negligent in handling classified information, but will not be indicted because of her “intent,” which is not a standard in the law being violated, Donald Trump decided to say something ridiculous and shift the focus back to him.

The latest is Trump praising Saddam Hussein.
Trump praising Saddam Hussein, claiming he killed terrorists. In fact, Hussein was considered a terrorist sponsor, one who killed Israelis
Why would he even consider making such a statement on a day when the news story is about the incompetence and deceit of Hillary Clinton in the handling of classified materials. It makes absolutely no sense. A wise person does not interrupt when his opponent is having a bad day.


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