Trump doing poorly with Jewish donors

Josh Hammer:
The Wall Street Journal this morning published this absolutely eye-opening revelation:

In 2012, the current roster of [Republican Jewish Coalition] board members donated at least $16.5 million to GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign and super PAC, and at least a half-dozen were leading fundraisers for him, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of campaign filings. In contrast, these RJC members have given Mr. Trump only $5,400 through May.

That is worth re-reading. It is a difference of $16.5 million to $5,400: a factor of 3,055 times. It’s a bit of an apples-to-oranges comparison since the Trump numbers are only through May, but it is still just truly remarkable....
We are discovering one reason Trump's primary campaign was self-funded.  He is not a good fundraiser for himself or the party.


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