The Democrats' trust problem

Glenn Reynolds:
Can we ever trust the Democrats?

The Democrats will have to work to regain our trust.
On the trustworthiness front, Hoyer’s already lost the battle. He, like the rest of his party, will be supporting Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee, and she’s one of the least-trusted figures in politics. In the wake of her email scandals, 66% of voters say she’s not honest and trustworthy, and even a third of Democrats feel that way.

Add to this the Clinton Foundation’s shady goings-on, the Clintons’ famous parsing of the meaning of “is,”and Hillary's tendency to accuse anyone disagreeing with her of being part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy," and you don’t exactly have the poster-candidate for restoring trust. (This would be a huge opportunity for the GOP, if Donald Trump didn’t poll just as badly.)

But if you think promoting trust in government is important, you should nominate someone trustworthy. But there are other priorities, apparently, and they outweigh that trustworthiness, or we’d have different nominees.
There is much more.

I have not trusted them for a long time, and they have done nothing to regain my trust in recent memory.


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