Obama continues to misread the message of Brexit

NY Times:

Obama Will Need His Oratory Powers to Sell Globalization

At a time when Donald J. Trump and the pro-“Brexit” crowd are preaching nativism and nationalism, the president undertakes the delicate task of arguing the opposite.
It is not nativism or nationalism that provoked Brexit.  It was a revolt against government by "experts from afar."  Liberals or "progressives" have been pushing for government by experts for over a 100 years and the EU was constructed like the ultimate government by regulatory experts who can demand that all bananas be of a specific shape or any other bit of trivia that the marketplace could easily take care of without the help of government.  It was about ridiculous EU court decisions that prevented the UL from deporting terrorist and required the government to house them and provide them with benefits.

It is always interesting to see how liberals describe their task of pushing an agenda the voters have rejected.  Liberalism never gives up even when it is wrong and has been rejected.

Britain is not shrinking from global trade.  By leaving the EU it will be free to enter into agreements with bigger trading partners around the world.  Many countries are already scrambling to take advantage of the opportunity.  What Britain is leaving behind is an unaccountable bureauocracy.

It is not surprising that Obama does not get it.  He has always had an overrated intellect.

Trump is a different matter.  He is appealing to Democrat union voters who don't want to compete.  It is helping him in some blue states in the midwest.  One of the reasons Obama is hampered in arguing to the contrary is that he would have to acknowledge that a red state like Texas is thriving as a result of its policies and has also created a robust trading relationship with Mexico under NAFTA.


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