I guarantee you that Michelle Obama was not the first person to make this statement

Washington Post:
(The Washington Post)
The would-be first lady's speech was intended to be a highlight of Day 1. Instead, her remarks drew comparisons to Michelle Obama's in 2008 and pushed the campaign toward damage control with conflicting explanations and calls for firings. The episode reopened long-standing divisions among Donald Trump’s advisers and allies.
It is one of those life's lessons that is repeated with each generation in homes of parents trying to instill virtue in their children.  It is like the Boy Scouts or other organizations that try to give guidance to young people.  To suggest that Michelle and Barack Obama were the only people who got that advice is absurd.

Just to be clear, I am not a Trump supporter.  I do not have a high regard for him, but I have no problem with his wife's speech.  This looks very much like the media trying to distract from her well-received remarks.


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