Hillary Clinton and Trump are not the answer to current problems

NY Times:

Cries for Unity Are Ill-Suited to Divisive Candidates

The violence of the past week cried out more for a unifying candidate and revealed how hard it is for Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton to become that person.
But then, neither of President Obama who has been the opposite of the "racial healer' many thought he would be.  He has been blaming cops from almost the day he took office.

The suggestion by Obama and Hillary Clinton that we nationalize the police force is just utterly fascist.

Obama's policies have made black neighborhoods less safe as police pull back from community policing the black on black murder rate is soared and instead of focusing on that problem the focus has been on the much more rare killings by police.

Obama's demilitarization of the police has made cops more vulnerable to the kind of attack like that in Dallas.  The police should have had an MRAP or other armored cars to deal with the shooter.


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