Hillary Clinton and the poor choices she made as Secretary of State

NY Times:

Hillary Clinton Emphasizes Her Time on the World Stage

Foreign policy experience provides stark contrasts with Donald J. Trump, and Mrs. Clinton’s campaign believes two new ads stressing that point will sting.
This should backfire big time.  

The counter ad could start with the so-called Russian reset button and then move to a litany of Russian aggression since then.  It could also have her claims for success in Libya juxtaposed with the abject failure in Libya including the Benghazi debacle.  They there was the Decision to retreat from Iraq which led directly to the rise of ISIL and the various Syrian debacles that followed her attempts to call Assad the butcher a "moderate."

It would be hard to cram all her failures into one ad.

If Trump actually had a campaign operation such an ad would already be up.


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