Erdogan's paranoia and the coup

NY Times:

Turkey Pursues Cleric Living in U.S., Blamed as Coup Mastermind

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Fethullah Gulen was behind a coup attempt last week that almost succeeded in taking over the state and killing Mr. Erdogan himself.
I carry no brief for Gulen.  I am somewhat familiar with his schools and would not recommend them.  But the suggestion that this guy was behind a coup across the ocean and thousands of miles away beggars belief.  How many divisions does he control?  Who would take his orders?

With his latest purge of the education system, it looks like Erdogan is taking advantage of the failed coup to go into full indoctrination mode which has the potential of turning the school system into madrassas.

Erdogan was always a terrible ally.  It appears he will be even more unreliable now and seems bent on turning secular Turkey into an Islamist state like the kooks in Iran have done.  This is bad news for the Turks and for NATO.


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