Energy trade with Mexico and "the wall"

How Trump’s wall will hurt U.S. energy companies

Donald Trump's pledge to build a 'big, beautiful wall' risks choking off a burgeoning energy partnership between the U.S. and its neighbor.
If both sides act rationally, there is no good reason why the wall would stop both sides from mutually beneficial trade deals such as natural gas sales.  Mexico is unable to exploit its own reserves because the narco-terrorist control much of the area where it is located.

Other aspects of trade with Mexico could be hurt by his anti-Nafta policy.  For example, produce from Mexico has become a key job creator in the Lower Rio Grand Valley of Texas.  That and fossil fuels are one of the reasons Mexico is the largest trading partner of Texas.  Killing NAFTA would have a detrimental effect on up to a million Texas jobs associated with trade.

I do not think Trump comprehends the damage he would do to the US economy with his anti-trade policy.


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