Donald Trump Jr. gives the best speech of the convention

John Podhoretz:
It’s no secret I’m not a Donald Trump fan. Except it turns out after Tuesday night I am. Only it’s Donald Trump . . . Jr.

The nominee’s son delivered the speech of the Republican National Convention so far — indeed, maybe its only fully successful and totally realized speech. Donald Jr. saved a lackluster night, characterized by a profound lack of energy in the early hours and a weirdly inappropriate and tastelessly vengeful prosecutorial brief against Hillary Clinton by Chris Christie.

Then Donald Jr. took the stage, and suddenly the cloud of gloom that had settled on the Quicken Loans Arena since the session was gaveled to order at 5 pm was lifted.

Poised and focused, with a compressed energy that did not require him to yell (as so many others have been doing), Donald Jr. established the connections between the themes of the Trump campaign that the candidate himself has found it extremely difficult to do.

And, unlike his father, he proved himself both understanding and supportive of explicitly conservative policy ideas.

The key message of the speech was that Trump is a candidate of (remember these words?) hope and change in a country desperately in need of a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. The argument he made was ingenious: His father is no ordinary rich capitalist, but one who reaches “for the impossible” and can therefore help America do the same when it is at low ebb:

“For the first time, parents no longer think that their kids will be as well off as they were. We’ve lost our confidence, the bounce in our step, the faith in our institutions. But remember one thing. We’re still Americans. Still one country. And we’re going to get it all back.”...
There is much more.

Even Red States' Never Trumper, Caleb Howe thought it was the best speech also.

I was out running an errand and listened to much of the speech on the radio before I realized who was giving it.  I kept thinking who is this guy and where did Trump find a real conservative?


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