Clinton will be tainted by scandal with or without an indictment

Washington Post:
Clinton’s FBI interview only compounds her trust problem

Both parties’ front-runners are deeply unpopular, but polls and focus groups indicate Clinton elicits a more visceral mistrust, and her interview with the FBI has only heightened the whiff of suspicion surrounding her and the email scandal.
Trump in his usual inartful way has already indicated that he thinks the "fix is in" and she will not be indicted because of the corruption within the Obama DOJ.   Those who distrust Clinton and Obama probably already believe that.  It is a taint that will follow her even if she wins in November.

Beyond the legal issues, the scandal also is another demonstration of her incompetence as a manager.  She bungled the job on things large and small.  Her Libyan policy was disgracefully bad.  It was the opposite of smart on every level.  It was only compounded by the incompetence she showed during and after the Benghazi attacks.

So, besides being distrusted by a broad section of the voters, she is also seriously incompetent in the skills needed for the job she is seeking.  She would easily lose if she were up against a halfway competent Republican.  That is one problem she currently does not have.


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