13 Hours in Benghazi

I watched this movie last night and think it is worthwhile for several reasons.  It appears to accurately track what happened on the ground when the US facilities came under attack.  The special ops guys assigned to the CIA annex in Benghazi are the real heroes of this movie and they did not get much outside help.

It is worth watching for that aspect alone.  But, what I noticed was how the US military readiness has deteriorated to the point that it could not provide even minimal support for their efforts.  Under Obama and the liberal Democrats, the US has lost its edge in dealing with threats from Islamic terrorists.

Like the recent events with the captured sailors by Iran, The command seemed unable to respond to those who found themselves in harms way.  Unlike the captured sailors, the CIA special ops veterans fought valiantly against the odds and without supporting arms.

The action in the movie is almost exclusively in Benghazi and elsewhere in Libya.  You will not see the President or Hillary Clinton during the fight for survival.  Where they were is still a matter that is unresolved.  They are the people who were not there when the bullets were flying.  The movie does refute the video lie used by both to explain the events.


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