Democrats in the states are supporting abortion restrictions

Washington Times:
They defeated bills expanding abortion rights in New Mexico and Rhode Island, backed tough restrictions on abortion access, and voted to pass infanticide bills in Montana and North Carolina. And they’re not Republicans.

In one of the biggest surprises of the 2019 legislative session, dozens of Democratic state legislators have defied their party on abortion, emerging as a decisive force on pivotal votes in what may signal a fraying of the Democratic consensus on a signature issue.

Perhaps the biggest moment came when Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, announced Wednesday that he would sign a fetal-heartbeat bill after it passed the House by a vote of 79-23. He wasn’t alone: The bill received 17 Democratic votes in the House and seven in the Senate.

“I am proud to stand with the people of Louisiana in defense of the unborn and against the abortion mills that are waging war on the next generation,” said Democratic state Sen. John Milkovich, who sponsored SB 184, in a statement.

The announcement capped what has been a disastrous legislative session for the pro-choice movement, which began with high hopes of erecting a bulwark against the Supreme Court’s 5-4 conservative majority — and wound up deluged by pro-life legislation, some of it passed with Democratic support.
Many of the bills going down to defeat were similar to the extremist New York legislation which allowed abortion right up to the baby being in the birth canal.  They were also like the withdrawn Virginia bill in allowing abortion right up to birth.  Polling shows that 80 percent of voters oppose late-term abortion.   The leadership of the Democrats appears to be out of touch with the voters on this issue.


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