Giuliani challenges Mueller to testify

Fox News:
"I dare [Mueller] to testify," Giuliani said. "I'd love to see [Rep. Mark] Meadows and [Rep. Jim] Jordan cross-examine him on when did he find out there was no collusion? Exactly why would you hire Andrew Weissmann, who is the most notorious and unethical prosecutor of the last 20 to 30 years?" he continued.
"When I conclude as a prosecutor and I'm not confident that a person committed a crime, that's called exoneration," the former New York mayor said.

"The person is innocent until proven guilty. That's not a slogan, it's not a joke, it's a basic fundamental of our Constitution, of the Magna Carta, of elemental fairness," he continued.
If Jordan and Meadows don't get a shot at Mueller cross-examination then the Senate should subpoena and let Republicans like Sen. Lindsay Graham, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Sen.John Cornyn cross-examine him.


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