Democrats have lost the voters on their immigration policies

Madison Geisotto:
The obstructionist strategy of the Democrats pretending that the crisis on the southern border does not exist has officially failed. According to a new Harvard Harris Poll, about two out of three adults say they do not support releasing undocumented migrants into the United States while they wait for asylum. Moreover, 68 percent agree that these border crossers should be sent back to Mexico, which the administration has already been doing.

The survey also found that a plurality of Americans support stricter asylum laws, echoing President Trump calling for reforms to our outdated system. “Migrants at the southern border will not be allowed into the United States until their claims are individually approved in court,” he tweeted last year on the issue. “We only will allow those who come into our country legally.”

It is little wonder that Americans support the tough stance that President Trump has taken on illegal immigration, as the weak immigration system we currently have does not properly deter dangerous criminals seeking to enter this country illegally, and American communities are being saddled with the tragic consequences. For instance, authorities have revealed that a Texas serial killer charged with 11 murders is from Kenya and living in the United States illegally. He allegedly killed elderly women and stole their jewelry, and investigators are reviewing 750 other cases matching that profile to see if his killing spree might have been even more extensive.

That is one example, but in each of the last two fiscal years, Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested about 2,000 illegal immigrants who have criminal records that include homicide offenses. As horrifying as that is, it is unfortunately one of the many different ways that our broken immigration system endangers our communities. For years now, illegal immigration has fueled the North American drug trade and provided a massive revenue stream to numerous violent Mexican drug cartels, further contributing to a border security crisis reaching astonishing proportions.

Those drug cartels alone are making anywhere between $19 billion and $29 billion every year by using the flood of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central American countries as a cover for their sprawling trafficking operations. Remarkably, after repeatedly arguing that President Trump “manufactured” a fictional border security crisis, even the Democrats are now admitting the government needs to fix our broken immigration laws.
The Democrats recognize that their strategy of denial and obstruction failed, and they are trying to pretend that they have been in agreement that we indeed have a border crisis. The American people, however, will not forget what Pelosi and her party have already done to undermine the common sense strategy President Trump has for keeping our country safe from the crime and drugs that continue to pour over the southern border.
While Democrats are now backing away from their statements on the border and immigration they have failed to respond in good faith to the President's common sense proposals for fixing the situation.  I think they now see immigration as a political problem for them, which they still do not want to fix.


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