Man behind mass murder attacks in Sri Lanka openly preached slaughter

NY Times:

Sri Lankan Accused of Leading Attacks Preached Slaughter. Many Dismissed Him.

The man accused of masterminding the Easter Sunday attacks on churches and hotels never hid his hatred. “We all underestimated him,” a resident of his hometown said.
It is curious that so many ignore open threats by radical Islamists.  If a man says he wants to commit mass murders, he should be taken seriously.  The reaction of other Muslims is also predictable:
 After the Sri Lanka Terror Attacks, Muslims Fear Backlash
They tend to play the victim rather than express anger at the perpetrators.  You can see it in this country too with the CAIR activists.  Rep. Omar is a classic example of this response.  If they reacted the way the West did to the attacks in New Zealand there would less chance of a backlash because it would be clear they opposed mass murder attacks.


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