Obstructing a treasonous coup attempt?

Michael Knowles:
Yes, President Trump committed obstruction. From the moment he defeated Hillary Clinton, Democrats have tried to overturn the 2016 election, but Trump has obstructed their efforts every step of the way.

This was obstruction in the interests of justice. The president should be applauded for it.

First, partisans within the Justice Department spied on the Trump presidential campaign. They used a mainstream news article to obtain a warrant to surveil Trump’s campaign staff by misleading a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge about the source of the article.

In fact, the news story was based on unverified opposition research funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Recently uncovered text messages between disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page suggest this surveillance continued after the election, shifting its focus from the Trump campaign to the transition team of then-President-elect Trump.
According to Attorney General William Barr, President Trump didn’t obstruct justice. But neither did Trump take attacks on his presidency lying down.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, one of 20 Democrats seeking her party’s presidential nomination to replace Trump, tipped her party’s hand when asked recently to cite the grounds for impeachment.

It doesn’t matter whether President Trump committed a crime, Warren said.

“This isn’t even specifically about Donald Trump himself,” Warren said. Right – it’s about overturning the results of a presidential election that didn’t put Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.

Now Democrats would like to impeach Trump for obstructing their repeated attempts to overthrow him.
That is in fact what the obstruction argument is about.  It is yet a last-ditch effort by Democrats to try to overturn the election. Since there was no underlying crime found by Muller the obstruction charges look all the more suspect.


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